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The desire to be in Charlotte is increasing more and more these days. The city has had an increase in…


Should I replace my Carpet?

The carpet in your home is a very important factor that can be a selling point. Don’t know what to…

Crown molding

Easy Upgrades

Looking for easy upgrades to your home? There are numerous things you can do to elevate your home and they…

charlotte market

Charlotte Market

Charlotte's Market is one of the most desirable right now. The affordability, school systems, convenience, and water all attract home…

steps to buying a home

Buying a home – Steps

What are the steps to buying a home? Many people question whether or not they would get approved for a…

relocating to charlotte

Do you want to Relocate to Charlotte?

Charlotte is on Zillow's 10 hottest real estate markets. Similar to cities like New York, San Antonio, and even Raleigh,…

lake norman realtor

Inflation and Real Estate

How will Inflation affect the real estate market? As we are aware, inflation numbers have been slowly increasing over time.…

Good Tenants

Good Tenants

Whether you are a seasoned landlord or stepping into the world of renting, having a Property Manager can benefit you…


Do Renovations Matter?

Renovations can be very pivotal depending on your goal. Are you contemplating a few renovations prior to selling your property?…

A Boutique Real Estate Firm

Why Hire A Boutique Real Estate Firm? A Boutique Real Estate Firm provides above-average representation and customer service. We strive…

property manager

Your Property Manager

Critical reasons to hire a property manager.  Did you know you can hire a Realtor to manage your rental property?…

why you need a realtor

Why you need to Hire a Realtor

There are numerous reasons why you need to hire a Realtor. Some question whether or not it makes a difference.…

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