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Hiring a Realtor – Buyer

There are many reasons to hire to a Realtor. Just a few reasons are:

Price Guidance

A real estate agent knows the market and can make sure as a buyer, you pay the right price for that home you love.

Professional Network

A real estate agent has a professional network of handymen, inspectors, attorneys, mortgage professionals, painters, etc. and often times it can take this entire team of professionals to get a home through closing no matter which side you’re on.

Marketing Expert

A real estate agent is constantly updating their marketing techniques and skills. With adequate market knowledge, you’ll never worry about what to offer and if you overpaid for a property.

Ready and Qualified Buyers

A real estate agent can help you become a qualified buyer, getting you set up with a lender or helping you during the approval process. Without a Realtor, are you prepared and dedicated to handle any issues that arise, paperwork, and everything else that comes with buying a home?


A real estate agent has been through the process numerous times and can provide guidance you need while reviewing the information and helping you understand the large amounts of paperwork.


A real estate agent constantly updates themselves on the complicated rules and regulations that are forever changing; whether it is encroachment issues, septic concerns, homeowner association rules, or a myriad of other governing topics. Agents are held to a higher standard than an individual unlicensed.

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