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Single Family Property Management

Castle Gate Real Estate Group can manage all aspects of the property with excellence – from marketing and leasing to maintenance and corresponding with tenants. We have experienced vendors for coordinating any maintenance repair and renovation needed. Our vacancy rate is low due to our marketing expertise and personalized service to every rental prospect. Furthermore, because we are Realtors, too, we advertise in the local MLS, reaching thousands of Realtors, as well as numerous rental advertising outlets. We commit that we will work hard to find you a well-qualified tenant and we offer a couple of options to fit your needs.

Option 1.

Our Full-Service Management Services include:

  • Advertise and show property
  • Screening of potential tenants
  • Prepare and execute the lease
  • Collection of rents and deposits
  • Disburse monies to the owner
  • Perform property inspections
  • Handle maintenance issues
  • Provide 24/7 emergency maintenance
  • Control and manage eviction process, if necessary
  • Respond to tenant / third party issues
  • Timely turnaround of vacant properties
  • Aggressive marketing tailored to your demographic and community

Break Down of Services


  • Your property will be listed on over 35 different rental websites on the internet with full color photos and information
  • Your property will be listed on our website:
  • A professional yard sign will be put in your yard
  • Your property will be placed on the MLS (exposure to 10,000+ REALTORS) which can be seen on the consumer version (,

Showing of your property:

  • We will personally show your property to prospective tenants. We do not believe in allowing tenants to see your property without Castle Gate being present unlike other companies. Keys will not be given out to tenants for viewing on their own
  • A lockbox will be placed on the property for any REALTORS to show your property

Application Process:

  • We have a detailed and thorough application process
  • We check references, past and present employment verification, rental history verification, credit and criminal backgrounds and verification of income. We have access to any filings that are recorded at a courthouse
  • We look at each person’s information on a case-by-case basis to ensure a good tenant for your property
  • We always keep you informed with an open line of communication on the prospect

Moving In:

  • We will personally inspect the property before the tenants move in to ensure cleanliness and all items are working properly
  • We will assist the tenants with all utility transfers
  • We will make sure the tenants move goes smoothly and fill out a move-in checklist during the walk through to compare the move-out checklist at the end of the lease

During Occupancy:

  • This is when our management fee will begin. You will only pay us when a tenant is in your property
  • We will be the only contact for you and your tenants. Both the tenants and you will have our mobile phone number and email for any questions or concerns
  • Your check will be mailed by the 15th of each month (so long as the tenant pays on time). Direct Deposit is also available
  • If the tenant does not pay or they break the lease conditions, we will handle the eviction process. We have the right to charge the tenant for this; not you.
  • Any outstanding balance will be sent to a collection agency

Full Service Management Fees for Single Family:

  • We charge NO upfront fees
  • One half of the first month’s rent is required as our Tenant Acquisition Fee
  • 10% of the monthly rent for the term of the rental agreement as a Property Management Fee
  • There is a $500 fee charged if we enter into an agreement to list the owner’s property for rent and the owner cancels the agreement within the first 30 days of the agreement, before a tenant is acquired.

Option 2.

Tenant Procurement Only for Single Family:

  • Enter into an Agreement to Procure a Tenant with the Property Owner
  • Advertise the property through Carolina Multiple Listing Service,, various internet sites including,,,,, and numerous others that are driven by these sites. In addition, we provide a Yard Sign and utilize our network with fellow Realtors
  • Qualify the prospective Tenant through credit checks, criminal background reports, rental history and employment history verification
  • Prepare and execute the lease documents
  • Perform pre move-in and post move-out inspections
  • Collect first month’s rent and security deposit and disburse to the owner minus our fee

****When these items are complete, the owner assumes responsibility of the lease and security deposit for the lease term****

Tenant Procurement Only Management Fees for Single Family:

  • We charge NO upfront fee
  • 100% of the full months rent as a Tenant Procurement Fee (no other hidden fees)
  • There is a $500 fee charged if we enter into an agreement to list the owner’s property for rent and the owner cancels the agreement within the first 30 days of the agreement, before a tenant is acquired.

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