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The first tip, arguably the most important tip about staging your home, is to view your home as if it’s your first time walking in it and make decisions that best suit a larger audience of potential buyers. Steer clear of trying to appeal to one kind of prospective buyer, and instead stage your home in a way that would appeal to all.

You will want to consider the amount of time, effort, and money put into staging. Depending on the property, it can get out of hand quickly, so be sure to allocate a strict budget and time commitment to your efforts. Stay away from significant reconstructive changes, and instead focus on cosmetic upgrades. A fresh coat of paint and landscaping can go a long way.

With a keen eye for interior design and aesthetics, be sure to focus on the key elements of your home, highlighting its most attractive features. Highlight the best features of your home and hide its flaws. You may also want to consider emotional staging by creating a mood that would appeal to those looking for a home in the area. Pay extra attention to the front entrance, the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms, as these rooms are often ones that home buyers spend the most time in.

Lastly, be sure to declutter the area. Such as personal TV remotes that can be easily hidden away in a drawer close by. Any wiring that may be visible in the home may distract the eye from key points in the area that you are trying to target the most focus.

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