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Seller Closing Cost

Thinking of selling a home in the Charlotte or surrounding areas? Wondering how much money you should be saving and putting aside for closing costs?

Below is an estimated breakdown of the closing costs and the amount you should expect to pay. Based on the type of loan you get, your down payment, and the purchase price of your home, these amounts will change; therefore, it is especially important to check with your lender and closing attorney for the final numbers.

Seller Estimated Closing Costs

Item Fees Description
Document Preparation Fee/Attorney Fee $250-$1000 Varies
Deed Stamp Tax in NC $500 per $1000 Tax imposed by states/counties/municipalities on the transfer of title on real property.
Pro-ration of Taxes: City/County Varies Based on property location.
HOA Transfer Fees Varies Based on the property and if it’s in a HOA community.

**Please note these are estimates and we cannot be held liable for any errors.**

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