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Hiring a Realtor – Seller

There are many reasons to hire to a Realtor. Just a few reasons are:

Price Guidance

A real estate agent knows the market and can make sure as a seller client your home is priced right, generate buyer interest and sell quickly for top dollar.

Professional Network

A real estate agent has a professional network of handymen, inspectors, attorneys, mortgage professionals, painters, etc. and often times it can take this entire team of professionals to get a home through closing no matter which side you’re on.

Marketing Expert

A real estate agent is constantly updating their marketing techniques and skills. With adequate marketing, your listing will get maximum exposure; like getting on the MLS.

Ready and Qualified Buyers

A real estate agent can bring serious and qualified buyers, unlike a For Sale By Owner. Without a Realtor, are you prepared and dedicated to handle showings, any issues that arise, paperwork, and everything else that comes with selling your home?


A real estate agent has been through the process numerous times and can provide guidance you need while reviewing the information and helping you understand the large amounts of paperwork.

Impartial Advice

A real estate agent can take the emotions out during the process of selling a home, providing objective advice and professionally negotiate with the buyer.


A real estate agent constantly updates themselves on the complicated rules and regulations that are forever changing; whether it is encroachment issues, septic concerns, homeowner association rules, or a myriad of other governing topics. Agents are held to a higher standard than an individual unlicensed.

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