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Whether you are a seasoned landlord or stepping into the world of renting, having a Property Manager can benefit you immensely. The difference between having good tenants versus bad tenants comes down to hiring a property management company. There are many moving parts in the process of listing and getting a property rented. Finding and screening good tenants is a very important part. Without a system and process in place with requirements and rules, you are unable to properly screen prospects.

You will find that different management companies will have their own process in place that can vary from others. Most will have set requirements on income, a minimum credit score, and criminal background activity. Another common requirement is rental verification from the applicant’s previous landlord. A rental verification can be very crucial because you are able to request their payment history which will provide insight on whether or not they pay on time, along with the way they left the property upon vacating. Without these requirements set in place, it is difficult to screen and place tenants.

No matter if you have one or numerous rentals, hiring a property manager will save you time and money. It can take going through several candidates and applications which is time-consuming. What is the difference between good tenants and bad tenants? A desirable tenant pays their rent on time, keeps the property clean, obeys rules set in place, and provides appropriate notice when needed for repairs and vacating. Your property’s value, quality, condition, and cash flow depend on good tenants.

At Castle Gate Real Estate Group, we not only provide buying and selling services but also specialize in Property Management. The processes we have implemented, assure you of a good quality tenant. You have invested your money into a rental; invest in a property management company that will optimize your cash flow. Call our firm today and let’s discuss how we can help you! 704-533-9387

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