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Do you want to Relocate to Charlotte?

Charlotte is on Zillow’s 10 hottest real estate markets.

Similar to cities like New York, San Antonio, and even Raleigh, Charlotte is one of the hottest real estate markets in the nation. These cities are thriving and bringing people looking to relocate. The vast majority of buyers are attracted to medium-sized suburban homes in areas surrounding bigger cities.  The desire for relatively nice weather, affordability, and convenience all play a role in home shopper’s trends. Charlotte is a perfect destination for those looking to relocate. This attraction has created a strain on supply and demand making it harder to purchase a home.

The current market around the nation can’t satisfy the numbers due to there not being enough homes on the market. Millennials, baby boomers, and investors are all entering the market in large numbers. With large amounts of attraction comes more competition. There are plenty of ready and able buyers but supply is limited due to there not being enough houses on the market. This equation means bidding wars and swift timelines for the sale of homes.

This can make it difficult for someone looking to relocate. To ensure you have the best possible plan put in place it is more important now than ever before to hire a professional. A Realtor will represent you, negotiate for you, and guide you. You need a Realtor that will work instantaneously for you and ensure you succeed. Castle Gate Real Estate Group is a boutique firm here to assist you with all real estate and property management services. Our firm also provides custom building and design services. If you are wanting to relocate to Charlotte don’t forget to watch our Charlotte Series on Instagram. We feature a new area every month and provide insight on the real estate within that area and highlight what else it has to offer.


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