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The desire to be in Charlotte is increasing more and more these days. The city has had an increase in jobs across different industries and work environments. With the steady increase in population, there is a very important issue that needs a light shined upon. Greenhouse gas emissions and the effect it has on our environment. The City has put in place, different models, plans, and action items to protect our planet. All of these things help to work against climate change which is crucial for a growing city like Charlotte.

The Queen City has plans to go zero-carbon with its vechile fleet and all facilities. This is a long-term plan which will make our city a low-carbon city by 2050. So far many Cat Buses are now electric and they are testing others. Buildings owned by the City are also being accessed for energy usage which will help analyze potential energy savings. All of these and more will help Charlotte become planet-friendly.

Transportation goes hand in hand with population, and Charlotte’s numbers are growing fast. Due to the growing numbers, The Strategic Mobility Plan was drafted so it can be implemented for change over the next few decades. This plan is to encourage goals that protect our environment by cutting down on carbon dioxide emissions and other harmful gases. It promotes alternate means of transportation to clean the air and keeps our streets safer for pedestrians. One of the goals is to get half of the population to ditch their vehicles by 2040. The Strategic Mobility Plan will help the growing city and continue to attract more and more home-shoppers. Read more about this here.

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