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Looking for easy upgrades to your home? There are numerous things you can do to elevate your home and they don’t have to be super-pricey. Taking small steps with big projects can help you stay within your budget and also plan ahead. If you are in a time crunch you can try an easy upgrade. Not all upgrades involve hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can save time and money!
Molding and trim can change the ambiance and appearance of your space. Adding crown molding can make a huge difference and this is something you can do on your own. All you need are a few tools like a power nailer and a power miter saw. There are several spaces in your home that could benefit from this small upgrade. You can add crown molding between the wall and ceiling, to cabinets, and over interior doorways. These easy upgrades will even surprise you with how beautiful they turn out!
To take things further, you can add a ceiling medallion, depending on the style of your home. This decorative disk can turn your plain drywall into a focal point. Be very selective when picking out medallions. There are all styles and types which you can customize by painting.
Create a new look by adding trim around your windows. Keep in mind you may need to replace the window sills. You can also add trim to doors which can transform the look of any room! Trim can be painted depending on the look you’re going for! Click for more easy upgrades.
If you need a professional’s guidance on potential upgrades you would like to make to your home contact us! Call our firm today so you can get in touch with our in-house design team! Castle Gate Real Estate Group 704-236-6558

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