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Do Renovations Matter?

Renovations can be very pivotal depending on your goal. Are you contemplating a few renovations prior to selling your property? Often times when preparing to sell a property the topic of renovating is brought up. There is no right or wrong answer because there are many factors that will affect your decision. Brainstorm with your Realtor so you understand all aspects of each possibility. Your Realtor will be able to provide professional insight to ensure you optimize your goals when selling your property and during renovations.
Generally, you will encounter two types of buyers: ones that want a move-in-ready home and ones that want to fix and flip a property. Essentially both types of buyers are looking for something different when searching for property. Your decision will need to be based on what your goal is. Your Realtor will help you come up with a plan so you are able to target the perfect buyers.
The type of renovations you pursue will depend on the type of Buyer you are wanting to attract. Not to mention your timeline, budget, desired listing price, and more. It is very important to discuss your goals, fears, and budget with your Realtor. They will provide you with insight and suggestions. Your Realtor will have many contacts that you will benefit from during the renovations. Coming from the professional world they will have friends in all industries which is helpful when renovating.
High return additions you can make include adding hardscaping, a fresh coat of paint, and a kitchen remodel. Adding space or breaking down a wall to open up space is something to also consider, depending on your goals and timeline.
Ask your Realtor to go over short-term and long-term remodels so you are able to plan accordingly. Long-term renovations include kitchen remodels, deck installation, and hardscaping. Don’t forget to adjust your timeline due to supply and demand issues. If you are limited on time, look into short-term renovations. These include painting, adding crown molding, brightening your deck, pressure washing, and landscaping. Weigh your options and all possible scenarios with your Realtor. You may even discuss options that will absorb the cost of labor. DIY projects can be very beneficial especially for short-term renovations.
If you are interested in selling your property and need a professional’s guidance and assistance, call our firm today! Castle Gate Real Estate Group is here to serve you. We have an in-house design team and contractors to assist with renovations. Let’s discuss how we can help you! Contact us today!

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