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Critical reasons to hire a property manager. 

Did you know you can hire a Realtor to manage your rental property? You may wonder what exactly a property manager does and why you can’t do it on your own. Finding and screening prospects is not easy when you are attempting to do this all while living your day-to-day life. This requires full-time attention so you are not only optimizing your rental property but also ensuring you have properly screened the tenants.  

Your property manager will handle the marketing of your property; photos and videos and listing the property. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Once the property is listed a flood of prospects will begin to come in through the various listing sites. No need to worry about your phone ringing every hour of the day, answering questions, coordinating showings, or pre-screening. This is all included within the management service provided by your property manager. Having a property manager will allow you to freely focus on other things related to your transition such as moving and the little tedious tasks such as address changes.

Your property manager will get the rental property ready for showings ensuring it is presentable. They may recommend staging and décor because it makes a good impression. Not only will this help your property stand out but also allow prospects to be able to imagine living in your rental. Once a prospect is ready to apply, your property manager will go over the necessary steps needed for a prospect to be approved. They will then follow through with the application process and ensure the applicant meets all the set requirements.  

A property manager’s job does not end with the placement of a tenant but only begins. Whether a tenant has an issue with a repair or questions about the property, your hired professional will take care of it all. Tenants may need extra help if they are relocating from a different area. They will need insight into the area they now call home.

Hiring a professional will make your life easier in so many ways you did not know possible. Your property manager will help with tasks such as accounting and money, coordinating repairs, maintaining records, implementing policies, completing inspections, and more. Don’t underestimate the benefit of hiring a professional to take care of your property. It truly makes a difference throughout the entire process, start to finish.  Contact us today! 

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